Wearing an Engagement Ring: How to Get the Best Fit

A jewelry expert shares everything you need to know before buying an engagement  ring

Not long ago, finding and choosing engagement rings will only require a couple of questions: emerald or princess cut? Yellow or white gold? These days, there are a lot more people who need to consider when figuring out how, where, and when to buy and engagement rings. Listed below are some helpful tips for making this a huge and monumental purchase. 

Do not get caught up in trends

Engagement rings need to be a classic and timeless symbol of people's devotion and love to their loved ones that will last forever. That is why the goal should be to find a stone that is the right match for their future fiancé. People need at their current jewelry collection to see what will suit their loved one's style. 

Is their partner a platinum or gold person? Take hints from their style to inform how they can pick the jewelry they want to wear for the rest of their lives. To find out more about engagement rings, view the story here for more details.

The stone does not have to be perfect

Diamond experts usually cite the carat, clarity, cut, and color, also known as the "Four Cs" of finding a good diamond. But certificate grading needs to be just one of the many elements in people's decision-making. People do not need a perfectly, flawless stone to create a nice-looking ring. 

It is a lot better to judge stones by the feeling it gives instead of the Gemological Institute of America grading it received. Usually, diamonds are graded by the GIA from grade D to Z. These grades will serve as the starting point. But these things should not be the only determining factor.

Size matters only if the future fiancé think it matters

People should not always follow the "Go big or go home" mantra when choosing an engagement ring unless they think it is the most important thing to the future spouse. In these cases, partners need to weigh their options. Maybe placing more emphasis on the rock size and less on clarity and color is worth considering. Even people in the jewelry industry noticed this trend. 

To know more about GIA, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemological_Institute_of_America for more info.

Experts think that there is less pressure for people to purchase a showy ring in today's world. People today think that engagement rings are more of an extension of a person's style. It usually means they intentionally avoid buying bling-type rings. Women feel more empowered to go against the conventional jewelry mold, as well as find jewelry that speaks for them on a personal level. These things feel like feminist choices.

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Knowing where the gem came from

According to experts, the client appreciates bling with backstories, especially when they involve gems that were ethically mined or sourced. A lot of jewelry stores or makers search high and low for suppliers and miners who can provide proof that their gemstones, metals, and diamonds have sustainably sourced and can be traced entirely from mine to the market. 

Individuals really want to know where the gems or stones are coming from. They really like that jewelry makers go and search for gems for their custom-made pieces. Makers look for stones that are interesting and different and come back to discuss their choices. If individuals are working with a reputable jeweler, soak up all the details - big or small - to share with their future fiancé after they give them a ring.

The setting should not be an afterthought

After people have fallen in love with a specific gemstone, the next step is to figure out what to put around it. According to experts, individuals need to think of a center gemstone as a piece of art and the setting as its frame. Individuals can be daring, and do something unique and different, but the ring must reflect the personality and style of the individual who will wear it. Find a maker whom you trust, provide the ideas of what you need and want, and let them lead you in the right direction.

Work directly with the ring maker

A custom-made ring feels more special compared to just walking inside the jewelry store and picking something. Usually, a lot of individuals now want rings that walk the line between modern and vintage. It is not so much about the size of the diamond anymore. These people want quality oversize. They are more attracted to unique shapes like rose cuts. Not only that, but a lot of individuals are also ditching the traditional diamond altogether.

How to Buy Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets, a unique type of jewelry symbolizing personal mementos. Often this is chosen as gifts for loved ones and friends. Most commonly used material in charm bracelets are pendants. One of the important factors, to be considered while buying a charm bracelet is the base material it is made of. Each type of material has different properties, uses and different kinds of fashion. A typical formal charm bracelet would be made of Gold, and the pendants used with that is treated formal as well. KARAT rating should be given a consideration while buying gold charm bracelets. Pure gold is not strong enough to hold pendants or any strong materials, so other materials are combined with it to make gold harder in nature and thereby the KARAT rating reduces. Ideally 18 or 14 KARAT gold is chosen to make bracelets. Silver again is considered formal and they are common choice as well. The natural color of silver adheres for most of different types of charms. A silver bracelet needs to have a 92.5 percent silver content in it to prove its purity, and to measure this you will have to ask for authenticity card of the product from the vendor, or carry out a test with some existing proven method, which is practically difficult to do.

The next type of Charm bracelet would be Plated charm bracelets, which can be made with the combination of several metals like silver, rhodium, gold or even nickel. The process of plating creates a thick layer of metal on the base material. We need to note that plating might wear-off after some rough usage. And a close observation of the bracelet would make you clear about the plating, the color of which would be kind of a mix of gold, silver, rhodium etc. Not to forget about the Platinum bracelets, which will last long as compared to, any other type of charm bracelets. This has an additional benefit of not losing its luster for a very long time. Talking about the leather charm bracelets, this is where extreme caution is needed, as the leather used might be genuine animal material or a similar imitation material. Genuine leather has a rough texture on both sides of the bracelet, but given the available technologies it is not that difficult to simulate a real leather as well !!. If you are cautious or very much worried about fashion trends, then there are other styles of charm bracelets to choose from as well, to mention a few: When selecting charms, consider the material of the desired appearance of the charm, and the selected bracelet chain should pair properly with charm to give a neat look. Charms are available in many kinds of materials, commonly made from metals, ceramics, glass, fabric and gemstones. Having read this article, you now probably have some idea regarding the criteria to be considered while you buy a charm bracelet.