The Story of Brooch Develoment

Brooch, just as its name implies, it is the decoration that wears in front of your chest including pin, and beautiful flower stuff decorations. When woman wearing gorgeous clothes with a delicate brooch appears in social occasion, the small exquisite brooch will make her exceedingly fascinating and charming. Do not look down the tiny brooch; sometimes it will help its masters own a happy love story. Brooch has originated from the Stone Age, when ancient people cover animal' fur or crude fabric for protection, they need some sharp things such as sharp animals' bones or cuspidal fishbone to fasten their simple "clothes". And these things that have fixed effect are the earliest form of the brooch. Some scholars believe that the earliest brooch may be emerged for some religious reason or as an amulet. Early western Christian code often have such regulation, hierarch and missionaries must wear an objection in front of their chest that must be embedded with a gemstone, they see it as a amulet for protect them from the evil things. The European people wearing brooch history in the earliest can be traced back to one thousand years ago.

According to reports, in southern Sweden an archaeologist discovered a bronze brooch that had been existed for more than 1000 years. What's more amazing is that its appearance is very much like Mickey Mouse. At that time the news was spread throughout Europe, Disney Company are very complacent to hear this news-look! Ancient people also like Mickey Mouse image. Then after archaeologist did a relative research, it is said that this pieces of brooch is the decoration of medieval women, and its true shape is a lion, and this brooch's designer add some imagination in it, because at that time the area they lived in has no lion. And from these, we can see that at that they mainly use animals shape in brooch design. In fact, until the 19th century wearing brooch became popular in European aristocracy and the nobility, businessman and government officers is the pusher of the brooch.

The earliest wearing brooch trendsetter is Eugene the wife of Napoleon III she like this small decorations very much. France is the birthplace of fashion, the things that queen likes things, of course, must be imitated by a lot of people. At that time, almost in every European party, the guests will be wearing brooch. The Eugene favorite is a pieces of very rare butterfly shaped brooch, is customized by a craftsmen that Napoleon III appointed personally, she often wear attending various important activities. Unfortunately, in 1887, Eugene and his emperor husband unfortunately become Prussian prisoner, so the pieces of historic brooch was auctioned and went into foreign country, and it came back to Louvre after one hundred years later. In the story of well-known king Edward and his American divorced civilians wife Simpson, their promise token is brooch, especially the pieces of Cartier "cheetah" brooches, have engraved in people's mind with a beautiful and desirable love story. In 1998, in the 100th anniversary of the assassination of the exhibition which was held in the Vienna, the gorgeous brooch embedded with luminous diamond that the most beautiful queen Cici had worn in the European history also appearances at the same time; it also has a very beautiful name "Cici star". Unfortunately, a Canadian burglar called Gerald destroys the exhibition security system by his exquisite computer technology, with the help of his wife and father-in-law, he successfully stolen this precious brooch and put a fake one in the exhibition, which was found until one month later. Although the police searches on a large scale, thief technique is too high and the case had any progress, this precious brooch came back home until ten years later Gerald was arrested.