Specialty of Silver Beauty of The Yi Nationality

Distributed mainly over provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan in China, the Yi ethnic minority is one of the fascinating group that imbue their specialty with profound culture, for instance, lacquerware, featured costumes and silverware of the group, the yi people painted the long history of the group with their skilled hands. People of the group are in favor of dressing themselves up, wearing silver and gold is the main fashion. Bearing thousands of years of traditional crafts, silver jewelry of female of the ethnic group which is the crystallization of the people are full of art artistic and aesthetic beauty. By combining the exquisite heritage from the ancestors and modern technology, the profound yi silver jewelry culture takes on colorful and prosperous appearances. Jewelry of the group can be divided into the vintage jewelry group, which is one of the most beautiful categories among the superior jewelry culture. Touching silver legend It was said that a long time ago, a young men and women were saved by a roster and then fell in love with each other and became couple. Later the unmarried yi girls would wear a "cockscomb" which is cutting into the shape of comb inlaid with silver to symbolize the peace and happiness, to imply good luck and blessing as well. There is another legend which is full of unique charm about another hair accessory "Lotus cap". It was said that the mythology hero of the nationality met a couple plowing when he was riding a horse and asked the husband about the size they had finished, while the wife answered by question the hero on how long the journey the hose had achieved. Both of the two men were rendered speechless to give the reply when facing the two similar questions.

Thus an order was given to married female to use sewed lotus cap covering their ability and cleverness. However, the cap had been the proud headdress of the married woman then, which would let them full of more inspirational wisdom. Nowadays, the two legends have been the important source of films to manifest the important cultural background of the story. A wide variety of the Yi silverware Silverware is applied widely in daily life of the yi, such as tools, tableware, harness and religious utensils and so on are all full of silver elements. It was said that inspirations of the group on most jewelry and hardware made with the metal were from nature, which is both come from life while higher than it. Take the wine utensil for instance, shapes of bird, claw, fish, horn and so on are all filled with elements of nature; the tableware can be divided into silver bowl, plate, basin and so on, which are of crafting categories of thick, light, refined, simple, clumsy or plain etc.. However, the stunning metal is applied to the custom of the female yi people in a large degree. Carved collar, collar button and collar decoration made with different patterns such as animals. Plants and so on are all chicly created. Rings, bracelets, earrings and buttons carved with the sun, moon and star, birds, fishes and plants, mountains and rivers land, clevis and heart-shaped patterns and so on all gradually enrich the connotation of the jewelry culture. Application of the straight and arc line, point and line, dynamic and static, density and loosens, shades and plain etc. would always bring the jewelry a sense of harmony. Complicated crafts processes Incised decoration, hollow and mosaic are the main methods to create patterns of the yi silverware. In the producing process, silver needed should be firstly prepared by a balance, and then being melted into liquid in a furnace the following steps are to pouring the liquid into a mold to cool off into strip, and then make them into plate various shapes, the plate would become prototype after being extruded, the last steps would through dozens of procedures such as to gluing, carving, hollowing, welding, grinding, polishing and so on, a yi accessory can only be finished then.

Gold Jewellery Has Been Prized For Thousands Of Years

Gold jewellery has been prized for literally thousands of years for its beauty, being used both to show enormous wealth and as an expression of love and affection. You probably know that gold goes back to the time of the Pharaohs, who wore it all over their bodies, and were buried with it upon their death.

Today, gold jewellery is everywhere. It?s most commonly seen as rings on the fingers of married or engaged people, or as earrings, but many people also put jewellery in their nose, tongue or belly button, among other places. Hip hop culture has led to a resurgence in large pieces of gold jewellery being worn as a deliberate show of wealth, as ?bling?, and this fashion has spread to many of the world?s young people.

When you buy gold jewellery, there are two important things to consider: the first is what the piece itself actually looks like (the quality of the jewellery itself), and the second is the purity of the gold, measured in carats. Although many people can be snobbish about low-carat gold, it is often what you do with it that counts, with a well-made piece from lower-quality gold actually being much more pleasing than a badly-made piece from expensive gold, and cheaper to boot.

Of course, if you?re not into gold, there are plenty of alternatives. Silver is gaining in popularity all the time, as a way to stand out from the crowd and counter the perception of some that gold is tacky, and platinum is also a well-regarded metal for jewellery-making. It?s possible to make just about anything into nice jewellery given time and skill, with some interesting materials to try being glass, shells and even wood ? you can even make your own jewellery out of inexpensive beads and string, if you?re looking for something unique.

Diamond Flaws And Inclusions Internal Diamond Flaws

When a diamond is considered to have a flaw, it is an imperfect gem stone. Something about the diamond did not form correctly, or there are tiny imperfections within the stone. Diamond flaws and inclusions are often not noticeable to the average person, and you need not worry about the small inclusions that occur in most diamonds. There are actually only very few diamonds which can be labeled ?perfect?, and if they are placed in the category of no diamond flaws and inclusions, chances are the diamond will be extremely expensive!

There are some minor inclusions which cause a diamond to appear slightly dull. The inclusion within the diamond can affect the stone's clarity because as light passes through the stone, it is intercepted by the inclusion. Many of these flaws and inclusions can be reduced or fixed with the various forms of treatment processes that gemologists and jewelers have learned to do over the years.

Other diamond flaws and inclusions may be large enough to cause weakness within the gem stone, and the stone could shatter or break much more easily than a stone without the weakness. These are the flaws you want to be careful with, since they reduce the value of your stone.

Pinpoint Inclusions

When a diamond has speckles of dark crystals in groups or scattered throughout the stone, it is said to havea form of diamond flaws and inclusions called pinpoint inclusions. If the dark crystals are all clustered together in the stone, the clarity of the diamond is effected, and it appears to have a ?cloud? inside the stone. These types of diamond flaws and inclusions may cause the diamond to be worth less, as it greatly effects the appearance.

Problems from Laser Treatments

When an imperfect diamond is treated with lasers to remove dark diamond flaws and inclusions from within the gemstone, sometimes a line is left through the diamond that looks much like a thread. The laser line begins at the outer edge of the diamond, and moves inward to the area where the dark inclusion was treated by the laser. These diamond flaws and inclusions are unsightly and easily spotted by most people, making the diamond less desirable.

Mineral and Crystal Inclusions

While most diamond flaws and inclusions are negative, there are instances when the diamond flaws and inclusions are actually an eye catching aspect of your diamond! For example, diamonds typically have smaller crystals inside the diamond, often so tiny they cannot be seen without some sort of magnifying device. The clarity of the diamond can be effected by these crystals, if there are enough of them and if they are all grouped together in one area of the diamond.

There are a few rare instances when another gem stone is actually inside a diamond, and could certainly not be seen as a diamond flaw or inclusion. For example, if you had a ruby or emerald that was surrounded by a diamond, you would see that as a special piece of jewelry- not a flawed one!

Charms Make Perfect Gifts

If you are thinking of a present to give to somebody, have you ever thought of giving them charms that they could use as a pendant or as something they could hang on their bracelets. You could include with the gift a bracelet or a necklace and then every special occasion you can give them additional charms or pendants to add or use as a substitute for the ones they currently have.

These gifts will be appreciated by people of different ages and backgrounds irregardless of their gender or race. They make perfect gifts not only because they look so adorable but every charm could somehow represent a significant or important moment in their life that they could treasure as a special remembrance.

I know of somebody who has a bracelet full of charms, some given by friends and some she purchased herself. The charms on her bracelet somehow reflect the different experiences and memorable moments in her life. One of her charms is a flag to constantly remind her of her heritage and culture. She has an Eiffel Tower charm to remind her of her honeymoon in romantic Paris. You could also do the same with your very own charms as well as when you give these to friends or family as a gift.

You can find these trinkets in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and style to find a perfect fit for whom you will be giving it to. You could start by buying a charm bracelet with a single or several charms and your recipient would then just add charms according to her tastes or you could give her one every time there would be any special occasion. In time the charms will accumulate that not only looks cute and attractive but would also begin to tell a story of the different memorable experiences in her life.

It is important though that when you buy charms for someone that you know well the person you are giving it to so that you would have at least a general ides of what she will like. If you will be giving a man a charm or pendant for his necklace, opt to buy those that are masculine looking so that he would use it. You also have to consider the size as well as the weight of the charm. Quite often it does not look nice to have very big charm on a bracelet with small chains. Also, others don?t look good with very big charms or pendants on their necklaces especially if they have small necks. If you will be buying from the internet verify if the charm you will be buying is flat, 3d or hollow. It is imperative that you select an online store that provides products that are of quality and can provide good customer service.

Tips For Buying Jewelry at a Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are great places to go for shopping on a budget. You can get almost everything at a pawn shop from a guitar to classy jewelry. The best thing about pawn shops is that you don't even need to spend a lot of money on these items. It is reasonably priced shopping at its best. There are lots of pawn shops out there so finding one shouldn't be too difficult for you. Every pawn shop will have different items available so deciding which one to go to depends on what you are looking for. There are some pawn shops that just specialize in one particular item like Jewelers San Francisco. If you want to buy gold San Francisco then here are a few tips to help you out. Why Buy Jewelry Jewelry at pawn shops is a lot cheaper than it is at a jewelry store which is why you must consider gold San Francisco as an option. Te price difference between jewelry and a pawn shop might be so huge that anyone would be tempted to go for the pawn shop. You shouldn't worry too much about buying used jewelry because in reality all jewelry is used. In order to create new jewelry jewelers have to take apart old diamonds and put them on used design, the only thing that you actually need to worry about is the jewelry being genuine Research It is advised that before you meet jewelers San Francisco you do some research and find out the basics about jewelry buying. You should know what type of jewelry you are looking for and also what price you should be paying for it. Knowing these minor details will help you out a lot and you will be able to make a better decision as a result. Read The Fine Print The next thing that you need to do is read the details of the agreement that you are about to sign. Some jewelers San Francisco offer guarantees of authenticity while others don't. You should ask questions if you need any sort of information from the pawn shop owner. Don't just jump into making a decision take your time and analyze everything carefully first. Negotiate There is always a better deal to be had and it goes without saying that you should negotiate. Talk to the dealer at the pawn shop and see if you can get a decent price but don't be unrealistic by asking for too low a price. Conclusion These were some of the best tips that can help you buy gold San Francisco at a reasonable price. Remember just be confident and you should be able to get jewelry at a good price.

Buy Citrine Diamond Jewelry For Your True Love

Diamond is the queen of all precious stones. It is not only rare but also has absolutely no equal in hardness. Diamonds have a wide color range and their reaction to light is to sparkle and scintilate. Besides being the hardest substance on earth it is extremely rare and beautiful. It is no wonder then that diamond and amethyst jewelry or citrine diamond jewelry or any combination of diamonds with one or more other precious stones is turning out to be very popular.

The dazzling diamond is actually just a miracle of nature. Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors and clarities and cuts. The size and weight of diamonds is normally weighed using the unit of measure, carat. When you decide to buy diamond and amethyst jewelry or citrine diamond jewelry you must take into account the cut, carat, color and clarity of the diamonds. Diamonds are available in various kinds of settings each of which displays it in a distinct fashion. Some of the more popular diamond settings include channels, chevrons, bezels, bars, prongs and paves.

Diamond and amethyst jewelry is one of the most beautiful forms of color stone jewelry. Diamond rings and more so diamond amethyst engagement rings and diamond citrine engagement rings are an all-time favorite with jewelry lovers. A diamond necklace is a desirable and luxurious jewelry gift. Diamonds set in gold are popular all over the world and Indians they say account for fifty percent of the entire world?s purchases of gold. Besides, there could be other precious stones set in gold along with the diamonds as in the citrine diamond jewelry.

Diamonds in settings of platinum also make great jewelry albeit a bit expensive. For those who look for elegance, they may choose a combination of colored diamond with any semi precious color stones. Citrine diamond jewelry in white gold settings is getting to be very popular with the modern generation. Rings with diamonds and amethysts set in them make great diamond and amethyst jewelry which can be worn with great versatility. You can also find bracelets, pendants and earrings set with amethyst or citrine with diamonds.

Despite the fact that diamonds are the hardest materials here on earth, they are brittle and therefore not indestructible. Amethyst and citrine are not nearly as hard and therefore one must make sure they do not wear any diamond and amethyst jewelry while engaging in heavy activity. Citrine diamond jewelry can be easily maintained by cleaning it with a soft brush and water and a small bit of ammonia. Make sure your diamond jewelry is stored in the velvet boxes it came in to make sure it stays free from scratches. Although diamonds were once upon a time a luxury item, today they have become quite affordable. The dazzle, little maintenance required and longevity of diamond jewelry more than makes up for the price. Hence diamonds are kept for some of life?s most special moments.

Discover The Beauty Of Vintage Engagement Rings

An engagement is a very special time for most people, and giving the perfect engagement ring can really make the occasion extra special. There are many ring types to select from, but for those that want to give something that is extra special vintage engagement rings could prove the ideal choice. The beauty and classic elegance of this type of jewelry will thrill the recipient. You can make her feel like a celebrity when you present one of the fabulous vintage engagement rings available today. She will be thrilled to show off the ring at your engagement party or celebration, and you will be able to rest easy that you have presented her with a beautiful ring that she will treasure for years to come. Going for a vintage ring ? whether for your engagement or your wedding ? means that you can give something that really stands out and has its own unique charm?a real treasure that can be passed down through the generations and will retain its charm and elegance through its timeless beauty.

Select from different types of vintage rings

You can enjoy great choice when it comes to selecting a vintage ring for your engagement. Whether you want gold, silver, or platinum, and whether you want classic diamond or another type or precious gem, you will find some incredible rings available. You will find that these rings offer some really intricate designs giving them a very special and beautiful appearance ? ideal for an occasion as special as an engagement. These rings are finely crafted and offer durability and strength in addition to elegance and beauty, so you can be certain that the ring will continue to bring happiness and will also continue to look great for years to come. The choice of rings available in vintage style means that you can get a ring that is perfectly suited to your needs, tastes, and budget, and you can present an item of jewelry that is really special. Your proposal will be all the more memorable when you opt for a vintage ring, and you will be thrilled by the character and quality of these rings.

Affordable beauty, incredible value ? enjoy the benefits of both worlds when you opt for vintage rings

You won?t have to break the bank in order to propose with a vintage ring, because you can now enjoy incredible value for money on these rings. You don?t have to worry about compromising on the quality or beauty of your ring, yet you can still enjoy some real bargains and low prices when looking for a vintage ring. Often, you will find the lowest prices ? and the largest choice ? in vintage engagement rings when you go online. You can match your budget and your preferences up through a vast selection of vintage rings that boast character, elegance, beauty, and unique style ? making for a very special and memorable engagement.