Luxury in Precious Stones

Gemstones have always fascinated man by the colorful shells, shiny, brilliant, stones and crystals. These are further classified into two on the basis of value, where the most valuable and expensive ones are categorized into Precious stones, the other inexpensive ones are part of semi-precious stones and also the former category along with being highly valuable are hard and rare as well. The jewelry industry classifies only four types of gem stones as the precious ones namely the diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby. As the precious stones are expensive in nature there is a place for pit holes as well which gives rise to faking of these stones by the exact duplicate ones. So one must take due care while purchasing these. They are expensive as they present the purchaser with their priceless beauty and mesmerizing elegance that will not only add to the glamorous sense in performance but is also a symbol of luxury. The investment in these stones are long term benefits as their resale value is much higher than its purchasing value, its line wine which is older the better. These are the luxurious jewelry which comes in modern design for all age groups and fetches to dominate the mind set by their beautiful, attractive, colors and hence they are not only used for attractive ornaments but metallic embellishments as well which costs based on their quality and rarity factors. These precious stones are at times also known to be the esteemed piece of jewelry.

Artisans, merchants and lapidaries of expertise are the ones who handcraft these stones with due and utmost care so as to preserve their natural form which is also available in faceted and cabochon types in numerous shapes and sizes. As is the story with other gems same way the four specified stones also carry a story of their own where some are popularly known to be an expression of tender love to the love ones, the others are a tool to bring bad luck not only this but there are instinct which says the ways to find out whether they are real or duplicity either by dissolving in vinegar or by trying hammering them to search out the original ones. It is very well known that these stones carry the discriminating feature of hardness which is believed to be another factor for their never ending demand, not only this but this feature is so madly believed that the Chinese have an unbreakable superstition that the wearer of this stone is saved from all the injuries and accidents in life, the story proofing it reads as, "a women whose granddaughter met with an accident was satisfied and that her granddaughter would be safe due to the presence of precious stone bangles in both the hands", and hence known as the "quintessence of heaven and earth". The principle of hardness determinations is that a harder material will scratch a softer one, and never vice versa. So for gifting it to your loved ones combination of semi precious with the precious would serve the best.

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